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E.M. Burlingame is a Silicon Valley serial techpreneur and later Private Equity investor and Investment Banker in the Far East, EU and US. He’s a veteran of 1st BN 1st Special Forces Group and is currently Founder of the Honos Foundation and Founder & CEO of Emerio Group, an early-stage technology startup investment firm. Following a degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis at Norwich, EM is now pursuing PhD studies in Interdisciplinary Engineering, with an emphasis on Computational Engineering – AI – at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Follow him on Twitter: @EMBurlingame


Foreign Internal Defense, Special Forces, and America’s Deprived Inner Cities

By EM Burlingame The future does not look like the past, the past which got us to the advanced state of civilization we now enjoy. The future looks different because those who contributed greatly to getting us to this point stopped having children two generations ago. This means the future looks like the children of…

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