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My Top 10 Books for an Unapologetically American Reading List

By Greg Drobny Most “must read” reading lists are, to put it bluntly, as boring as a Lifetime movie. Yeah, we all get it—Huckleberry Finn and The Great Gatsby are “classics” so we’re all supposed to read them. This is a little different. The goal is to list a few books that I, as Editor-in-Chief…


Hi, I’m the Constitution

Hi. I’m the Constitution. Although large groups of people out there are suddenly just now realizing that I exist, I’ve actually been here for over two centuries—even through the last few presidents, as hard as that is to believe. True story. I was here when President Obama championed legislation that punished people for not purchasing…


I Love Democrats

By Nick Palmisciano I love Democrats. I really do, and I think you should too. I think you should stop calling Liberals “Libtards” or “Moonbats”.  I think you should drop the hateful rhetoric.  I think you should just listen, understand, consider and agree or disagree accordingly, with respect, knowing that the goal everyone has is…


The Bill of Rights is a Better Unifier than the National Anthem

By Greg Drobny Often with big news stories, the public in general seems to grab hold of an issue that is divisive, but perhaps not in the most meaningful way. The “sexy” parts of the story are placed front and center while the fundamental, philosophical grounding of the problem is either buried or forgotten entirely…


Memorial Day and Custer’s Last Stand

By Greg Drobny, aka “RU Twisted” This weekend I visited the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, also known as “Custer’s Last Stand.” To those who haven’t been I highly recommend taking the time to see the monument if you should find yourself on the way to Yellowstone or just cruising around the Wyoming/Montana border because…


UA’s Guide to the Political Process: 1824 (And you thought elections were messed up now?)

By Mad Medic Primary season is almost upon us.  Many of us are groaning inwardly.  The choices on one side between three old white people who are arguing as to who will tax you more, and on the other a diverse field of gas bags, toupees and, that one person who sounds reasonable but has…

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