Foreign Internal Defense, Special Forces, and America’s Deprived Inner Cities

By EM Burlingame The future does not look like the past, the past which got us to the advanced state of civilization we now enjoy. The future looks different because those who contributed greatly to getting us to this point stopped having children two generations ago. This means the future looks like the children of…


Math Wins: the National Debt and Public Discourse

By RU Twisted “We should cut PBS.” “BLERRGGHHH!! Do you hate the arts?!?!?!”  “We should dismantle the Department of Education.” “RABBLE RABBLE do you hate the children!?!?!?” “We should defund_____.” “YOU HATE CHILDREN, THE ARTS, OLD PEOPLE, AND PUPPIES!!!!” This is basically the state of public discourse today. An individual or a group of individuals…


How Bad is Trump? Some Pre-Inauguration Predictions

By RU Twisted Trump is so bad… How bad is he?!?! This is the part in the joke where I come up with something clever to say that reflects numerous idiotic statements made by Donald Trump during his campaign for President or his various business dealings over the years. The problem is, he’s still not…


President Obama’s Biggest Legacy is a Giant Failure

By RU Twisted Like it always does, history will do a better job of judging a president’s actions than his contemporaries. In light of that, the title to this piece may seem a bit audacious. But so is the president, so….here we are. Without question, the Affordable Care Act was President Obama’s magnum opus; his…


Epipens as a Very Short and Un-Boring Lesson in Political-Economic Thought

By RU Twisted You have no doubt heard about the recent rise in price of EpiPens. There is also little doubt that, along with this rise in cost, you have heard screams and shouts about “greedy corporations” or how there should be “more regulation” on big businesses who clearly just want to steal from the…

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