My Top 10 Books for an Unapologetically American Reading List

By RU Twisted Most “must read” reading lists are, to put it bluntly, as boring as a Lifetime movie. Yeah, we all get it—Huckleberry Finn and The Great Gatsby are “classics” so we’re all supposed to read them. This is a little different. The goal is to list a few books that I, as Editor-in-Chief…


Betsy DeVos and the Questions Her Opposition Fails to Answer

By RU Twisted “Sometimes the most vulnerable child needs a little help. Not just from a loving teacher or a loving parent, but that there is a government that stands behind her and says, ‘you matter!’” These were the words of SEN Cory Booker from New Jersey last night during the filibuster/protest over the nomination…


The Bill of Rights is a Better Unifier than the National Anthem

By RU Twisted Often with big news stories, the public in general seems to grab hold of an issue that is divisive, but perhaps not in the most meaningful way. The “sexy” parts of the story are placed front and center while the fundamental, philosophical grounding of the problem is either buried or forgotten entirely…


Segregated Housing, Safe Spaces, Cal State, and Who is Making Demands

By RU Twisted I’m pretty sure the year is 2016, but sometimes I wonder when I see the news if I simultaneously jumped back in time as well as forward to a future predicted by Idiocracy. For those unaware, California State University recently announced and made available separate—i.e. segregated—housing for black students. This came at…


Am I supposed to be Outraged Over Colin Kaepernick?

By RU Twisted Am I supposed to be Outraged Over Colin Kaepernick? Because I’ll be completely honest with you—I’m just…not. Sure, the guy seems like kind of a douchebag who is making a “protest” for something he doesn’t quite understand and he’s doing it from a position that appears to be nothing less than the…


Executive Orders 101

By Kevin Wilson Hey guys, it’s me again. You folks hear about that executive order thing, with the guns and all? I’m assuming there’s someone that hasn’t, because everyone keeps pasting it across my news feed like it’s going to be the end of the world if there’s someone left on Facebook who hasn’t heard…

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