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How Bad is Trump? Some Pre-Inauguration Predictions

By RU Twisted Trump is so bad… How bad is he?!?! This is the part in the joke where I come up with something clever to say that reflects numerous idiotic statements made by Donald Trump during his campaign for President or his various business dealings over the years. The problem is, he’s still not…


President Obama’s Biggest Legacy is a Giant Failure

By RU Twisted Like it always does, history will do a better job of judging a president’s actions than his contemporaries. In light of that, the title to this piece may seem a bit audacious. But so is the president, so….here we are. Without question, the Affordable Care Act was President Obama’s magnum opus; his…


The Vaccine Question: a Lesson in How We Think About Important Issues

  By RU Twisted With all the hoopla over the problems at Disney, the issue of vaccines is back in the social sphere and generating as much heat as ever. It’s one of those SCREAM LOUDER THAN EVERYONE AND YOU’LL BE RIGHT topics that always gets people riled. As such, it’s definitely worth covering here…

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