Second Amendment


Hi, I’m the Constitution

Hi. I’m the Constitution. Although large groups of people out there are suddenly just now realizing that I exist, I’ve actually been here for over two centuries—even through the last few presidents, as hard as that is to believe. True story. I was here when President Obama championed legislation that punished people for not purchasing…


Good Samaritan Sheepdogs Do What Sheepdogs Do

By RU Twisted A very short but warranted Unapologetically American “high five” goes out to two men in Shawnee, Kansas for doing what sheepdogs do when two worthless wastes of oxygen attacked a woman from behind as she was putting her baby in a car seat (real brave, guys). As the woman screamed for help,…


Guns, Marijuana, the ATF, And the Freedom-Hating 9th Circuit Court

By RU Twisted This may come as a shock to you, but our government has become incredibly complex and confusing. It’s almost as if it contradicts itself at numerous levels because of this complexity (which we totally know can’t be true because government is the best!). Full disclosure before the rundown on this story: it’s…


Dear President Obama, Mrs. Clinton, and Mr. Trump

Dear President Obama, Mrs. Clinton, and Mr. Trump, It has become painfully obvious that the three of you are far more concerned with politically capitalizing on tragic events than you are with offering sympathy to the families and loved ones of victims. Your ability to rush into a situation filled with pain and suffering and…


Scalia: Menace or Hero to Liberty?

By RU Twisted and BK GD: In the wake of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, I’ve read nearly every angle about what it means—or, more specifically, what it could mean for the country’s immediate future. Interestingly enough, one of the most heated debates I have had about his legacy was with a fellow libertarian-thinker in our…

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