The Curmudgeon


Politicians Lie, but We Let Them Get Away With It

By Kelly Crigger  Politicians lie. And worse, they get caught at an alarming rate in this digital age. But what happens when they do? Nothing. In fact, our Democratic Presidential Candidate has a lengthy record of ethics violations as a lawyer and broke the law as Secretary of State. But do we do anything about…


Worst Holiday Traditions

There are some really silly holiday traditions out there. Many of which you’ve probably observed yourself and thought, “hey, this is….stupid.” Our very own Curmudgeons addressed what they thought were the worst of them in hopes they could help alleviate some of that holiday stress by knowing that there are others out there just like…


Government Worker Frustrated That He Hasn’t Come Up With More Red Tape

  By Kelly “The Curmudgeon” Crigger Ronny McLazy isn’t fond of cliché American tweets. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is for losers who like to say ‘Merica and Git R Done,” he says. An analyst at the Defense Technology and Awesomeness Agency, McLazy has plodded on in his cushy government job for nearly…


The Curmudgeon Universe: A Conversation About Perspective

By Kelly “The Curmudgeon” Crigger “Is that Kim Jong Un?” Sean said looking at the TV. “That dude’s in the outer rim,” I responded. “Dare I ask?” “Outer rim. I’m the sun and he’s Pluto.” “So the galaxy revolves around you now?” “Not everyone’s. Just mine.” I grabbed a dry erase marker and sauntered to…

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