5 Things: September 9

By The Unapologetically American Writers We noticed during the Colin Kaepernick story that people seem to get really pissed off at things that are, in the grand scheme of things, pretty minor. Is it because they don’t know about the seriously important issues? If that’s the case, we’d like to provide a remedy with a weekly…


Executive Orders 101

By Kevin Wilson Hey guys, it’s me again. You folks hear about that executive order thing, with the guns and all? I’m assuming there’s someone that hasn’t, because everyone keeps pasting it across my news feed like it’s going to be the end of the world if there’s someone left on Facebook who hasn’t heard…


What are rights? (Hint: They’re not your feelings)

By Greg “RU Twisted” Drobny It has become apparent to me lately that the overwhelming majority of people making public calls for political action have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. I know, I know—this isn’t shocking or news or anything unique to say. Everyone says this, but it’s always backing up their own…


Where is the Middle on Gun Control?

  By Leonard Benton In the latest political swing that is causing angst in Democrat quarters, Bernie Sanders running for the Democratic nominee for 2016. Bernie claims he can find the “middle ground” on gun control. He has, whatever his other stances and reasoning, actually made some sense on some critical issues. He voted to…

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