Foreign Internal Defense, Special Forces, and America’s Deprived Inner Cities

By EM Burlingame

The future does not look like the past, the past which got us to the advanced state of civilization we now enjoy. The future looks different because those who contributed greatly to getting us to this point stopped having children two generations ago. This means the future looks like the children of those still having children in sufficient numbers for a future to be.

What the future holds is yet up to all of us, however, we as a species and civilization are at a major tipping point where massive knowledge and wealth transfer must occur to ensure the future continues to progress forward and upward rather than slipping downward and back into barbarism. This means getting into the poorest and most violent communities of the world, using Capitalism to create bridges between these communities and the globalized economy. 

There is absolutely no defensible reason in our modern world, with all the advances, comforts and wealth we enjoy, that entire communities should be surrendered to poverty and the dominance of violent human pariahs bent on their own aggrandizement. This is equally true overseas, in foreign countries, as well as right here in our own country. There are vast sums of wealth needing to go to work, quite interested to go to work in these communities, but the risk profiles for doing so outside the context of philanthropy are simply far too high for Friedman’s ‘digital herd’ to get involved.

Philanthropy alone or as lead cannot and will never solve the underlying economic conditions which lead to such communities and to their perpetuation. Only pure form Capitalism, as the leading effort, can create bridges between these isolated communities and the world of globalization. Pure form Capitalism which is not and cannot be dependent on the perfect conditions of security and governance as neither are prerequisites for success but are instead emergent properties which arise from local economic success and entanglement with globalization.

Without a doubt there are a large number of incredibly dedicated individuals and organizations who for decades have and who continue to diligently work to address this issue. While many of these efforts are meeting with success in poverty stricken communities, doing great work to alleviate suffering and raise standards of living, there is yet to date no push into violence repressed communities. Because the pariahs are often incredibly intelligent and know exactly the right level of violence to employ in order to keep the ‘digital herd’, philanthropist, and governments and law enforcement for that matter, out of their area, while not creating a backlash among the people sufficient to raise the entire community against them.

We at Honos call this level the investment line, a conceptual line denoting where the ‘digital herd’ cannot go and invest below and the pariah cannot long rise above. The difficulty lies in that alleviating poverty and resultant instability requires substantially lowering this investment line through a complex interweave of efforts, all oriented around pure Capitalism as the driving force. Which to date has not been the tip of the spear for development efforts in violence bound communities.

Destruction cometh.

What is required are new Risk profiles and Risk Mitigation strategies uniquely coded to the specific community and its citizens and a body of entrepreneurship enabling, hands-on investors and mentors dedicated and capable of operating within the increasing number of insecure and instable areas of the world. And an effort, unified around fostering pure Capitalism in the populace, which brings together all the many dedicated development oriented individuals and organizations, to include governance and security elements now locked out of these violence repressed communities.

There exists a body of these individuals; right now making investments directly in these same violent and repressed communities, though not in the form of Capital, but in the form of Foreign Internal Defense. And that is the Special Operations Community, in particular, the Green Berets of the US Army’s Special Forces, though all SOCOM assets participate in one way or another.

At its most basic, what is needed, are business ecosystem and wealth creation oriented Wharton MBAs and Ivy League PhD’s who are willing to conduct their work in violence repressed areas, individuals who are equally confident in business and finance as they are fighting a running gun battle.




E.M. Burlingame is a Silicon Valley serial techpreneur and later Private Equity investor and Investment Banker in the Far East, EU and US. He’s a veteran of 1st BN 1st Special Forces Group and is currently Founder of the Honos Foundation and Founder & CEO of Emerio Group, an early-stage technology startup investment firm. Following a degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis at Norwich, EM is now pursuing PhD studies in Interdisciplinary Engineering, with an emphasis on Computational Engineering – AI – at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Follow him on Twitter: @EMBurlingame

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