How Bad is Trump? Some Pre-Inauguration Predictions

By RU Twisted

Trump is so bad…

How bad is he?!?!

This is the part in the joke where I come up with something clever to say that reflects numerous idiotic statements made by Donald Trump during his campaign for President or his various business dealings over the years.

The problem is, he’s still not President of the United States. That happens tomorrow. Everything up until then is…


Although this seems pretty obvious, it needs pointing out for the simple fact that, well, look around you. Take a gander at the media, your friends’ posts on Facebook, or conversations in public. 

It’s kind of hard to believe the guy isn’t even sworn in yet, isn’t it? With all the talk about him either saving the world or destroying it, one would think the guy has some long track record in public office or that he’s already been President for a year.

But, alas, no—he hasn’t spent one day in the position as of this writing.

So my first bit of advice to everyone—this includes his supporters and detractors—is calm the hell down. Stating that he will either end America as we know it or somehow make it great again only demonstrates a profound ignorance on behalf of the person making the statement. A lot of people said similar things about Bush and Obama, but I still have yet to see people being rounded up into FEMA camps.

As much as I think several of the policies of both of the previous presidents were demonstrably harmful to our country, we’re all still here and neither were that much worse than the other in any particular way. Most of the of the demonization about both of them was unwarranted, as was most of the praise.

This leads me to my second piece of advice, which is what we should look for rather than what we shouldn’t. Since there appears to be a whole lot of people out there worried about entirely the wrong things, here’s a realistic guideline.

Economic Policy

Will Trump cause an economic collapse or a boom that puts us all in Ferraris? Neither, of course. So what can we expect?

Trump has, despite attempts by many to state otherwise, insisted on a “repeal and replace” effort towards Obamacare. As much as I would love for him to stop talking after the “repeal” part of that, this is the reality. You’re not going to see a massive change.

Will it be better or worse? No way to tell for several years, most likely; but my prediction is that it’s not going to be much of a change, despite what most of his enemies and supporters like to claim.

(Yes, I realize this is “health care,” but understand that Obamacare is having a huge impact on the economy and will continue to do so; probably more than any other singular policy outside of the Federal Reserve itself.)

Domestic Policy

Is Trump actually going to build a wall, make Mexico pay for it, and deport all the illegals? Highly unlikely.

We already give billions of dollars to ICE/DHS and they are, on a daily basis, sending plane-loads of illegal aliens back to Central America. Guess what? It doesn’t work, and it’s not because of lack of funding. Talk to anyone who works above the level of peon at ICE/DHS and they’ll tell you it just isn’t that simple.

Here again we see a lot of demonization and dreaming  by haters and fans that will most likely be for naught when President Trump continues with an ever-so-slightly different version of the same thing.

Foreign Policy

This is the only area where I see potential for disaster, and not because of what he plans to do, but rather because I think he may be the most likely President in memory to accidentally start a war.

See, Hillary Clinton wasn’t stupid. Completely wrong on nearly everything, yes—but not stupid. Her foreign policy would’ve been so incredibly complex that it would involve various factions continually fighting each other while simultaneously being funded (and then de-funded) by DoD and the CIA. But it would have been planned that way (much like Obama’s foreign policy).

I see Trump as being so consumed with minutia that doesn’t matter he could very well use that giant chip on his shoulder to launch a missile where it doesn’t belong or deploy troops where they should never be. Can a Twitter fight get so overblown that bombers are deployed?

There are two caveats to this, however, that any level-headed individual should consider.

One, Trump will have an incredibly wise leader at the head of the military in James Mattis. By all accounts, the advice one would receive from that man will be that of a warrior Buddha, so that’s a huge plus. 

Second, I still think the “public” Trump is not the same as the one behind closed doors. Inside info says that those who worked for him in the past claim him to be a brilliant and extremely level-headed businessman when the cameras are off.

Is this hearsay and unsubstantiated? For the most part, yes. But I’ve heard it from enough sources to believe there is some credibility to the claims. Time will tell, of course.

Working With Congress

The Republican-led Congress has already shown—mere days into its first session—that it doesn’t care about the supposed “fiscal responsibility” that Republicans claim to believe in, so my hope for them doing anything worthwhile is pretty slim. Will Trump call them out on this or go along with them? My guess is closer to the latter and I’m not holding my breath on any other outcome.

Public Perception

Will people stop freaking out? Will his supporters see that he’s not going to be all that different? I can’t make a realistic prediction on those questions, but I will make one, final, crystal-ball-influenced forecast that will make me seem like a prophet two years from now.

Republicans will suddenly stop caring about massive government spending and Democrats/Progressives will magically start thinking war is actually a serious issue again.

And this will clearly be due to the fact that Trump will be amazing/awful/incredible/a Nazi. Obviously.




Greg Drobny is the Senior Editor for Unapologetically American and Havok Journal. A former Airborne Infantryman, PSYOP Team Chief, political tool, welder, bartender, and failed musician (to name a few), he enjoys fighting leprechauns, eating Frosted Flakes off the back of his pet woolly mammoth, and pontificating about the possibility of blending the fields of quantum physics and home economics. He also has a couple college degrees that might be relevant to what goes on here but probably aren't.

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