What Needs to Heal?

By Kelly Crigger

I keep hearing people say, “this country needs to heal. We need to come together and heal as a country.” I disagree. Healing indicates something is so broken or a body is so injured that it needs to cease all activity, retreat to a safe place, and fix itself. So tell me…what’s so broken about America that we need to do this? What or who needs to heal? Did we get the shit beaten out of ourselves in a gang fight that I missed?

America has had healing times, but this isn’t one of them. The Civil War pitted brother against brother and tore this country apart. So it could be said with confidence that the late 1860’s was a healing time though I doubt anyone of that era would admit it. They were a rough and hearty generation of Americans who moved forward without feeling sorry for themselves. The Great Depression was a time of fixing what was broken, which isn’t the same as healing. That period was all about getting back on track and putting Americans back to work, not recovering from an ass whooping.

You could possibly say we needed healing after WWII, but keep one big thing in mind about that time period – we won. When I see all the tickertape parades from the 1940’s, I don’t see people needing to heal, I see a country riding high on victory that lead directly to the most prosperous era of our history, the 1950’s. 

The 1970’s was a potential healing time. Vietnam, the civil rights movement, and the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and President John Kennedy were traumatic events that shocked, polarized, and divided the country. I can buy that people needed the 1970’s to heal (but then I see all those bell bottoms and feathered hairdo’s and think maybe that’s really what we needed to heal from).

The election of Donald J Trump to be the 45th President of the United States is not an event that requires national healing. It’s an event that requires all citizens in the home of the brave to move on and keep doing what we do best – be kick ass Americans.

I think the people who say we need to heal are broken themselves. They’re so injured by the election that they lack the mental fiber to deal with it head on and try to project their denial and outrage onto others. I fail to understand why they can’t continue working every day like the rest of us to earn a living and turn to social media to proclaim “America needs to heal.”

I’m 48 and can’t think of a single time I’ve felt the need to heal. Like most Americans I wake up every day and hit the ground running whether I want to or not. That’s one thing we’re good at – taking everything in stride and finding a way to be the best we can be at everything. America is not perfect, but it’s certainly not broken and won’t be for a long time.

Unless the people who need to heal take over. Then we’re fucked.




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