Good Samaritan Sheepdogs Do What Sheepdogs Do

By Greg Drobny A very short but warranted Unapologetically American “high five” goes out to two men in Shawnee, Kansas for doing what sheepdogs do when two worthless wastes of oxygen attacked a woman from behind as she was putting her baby in a car seat (real brave, guys). As the woman screamed for help,…


The Bill of Rights is a Better Unifier than the National Anthem

By Greg Drobny Often with big news stories, the public in general seems to grab hold of an issue that is divisive, but perhaps not in the most meaningful way. The “sexy” parts of the story are placed front and center while the fundamental, philosophical grounding of the problem is either buried or forgotten entirely…


5 Things: September 9

By The Unapologetically American Writers We noticed during the Colin Kaepernick story that people seem to get really pissed off at things that are, in the grand scheme of things, pretty minor. Is it because they don’t know about the seriously important issues? If that’s the case, we’d like to provide a remedy with a weekly…


Segregated Housing, Safe Spaces, Cal State, and Who is Making Demands

By Greg Drobny I’m pretty sure the year is 2016, but sometimes I wonder when I see the news if I simultaneously jumped back in time as well as forward to a future predicted by Idiocracy. For those unaware, California State University recently announced and made available separate—i.e. segregated—housing for black students. This came at…


Epipens as a Very Short and Un-Boring Lesson in Political-Economic Thought

By Greg Drobny You have no doubt heard about the recent rise in price of EpiPens. There is also little doubt that, along with this rise in cost, you have heard screams and shouts about “greedy corporations” or how there should be “more regulation” on big businesses who clearly just want to steal from the…


Guns, Marijuana, the ATF, And the Freedom-Hating 9th Circuit Court

By Greg Drobny This may come as a shock to you, but our government has become incredibly complex and confusing. It’s almost as if it contradicts itself at numerous levels because of this complexity (which we totally know can’t be true because government is the best!). Full disclosure before the rundown on this story: it’s…


Am I supposed to be Outraged Over Colin Kaepernick?

By Greg Drobny Am I supposed to be Outraged Over Colin Kaepernick? Because I’ll be completely honest with you—I’m just…not. Sure, the guy seems like kind of a douchebag who is making a “protest” for something he doesn’t quite understand and he’s doing it from a position that appears to be nothing less than the…

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