9 Year Old Journalist Has Thicker Skin Than Most College Students

By Salil Puri The mainstream media sucks. Frankly, so does most ‘alternative’ media. You know what doesn’t suck? A 9 year old investigative journalist who started her own freaking local newspaper and starts scooping the competition. Somebody got murdered in her small town of Selinsgrove, PA and Hilde Kate Lysiak was first on the scene,…


Why I Am Opposed to The Draft or Mandatory National Service

By Greg Drobny, aka RU Twisted I’ve seen several comments on social media recently about reinstating a draft or instituting a mandatory national service. Both stem from the notion of a growing military/civilian divide and that, if established, would build “national pride.” Or something. I think. I’m not going to go into the first area…


Romney vs Trump (Hint: We All Lose)

By Kevin Wilson Recently, former Presidential candidate and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney took a hardline stance against Donald Trump. In his speech, given from beneath his perfectly coiffed hair that was restrained by no less than thirty-seven gallons of hairspray and two freelance voodoo practitioners, Romney had some extremely harsh words for Trump….

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