The Racial Divide and Its Main Instigators

  By Nicole Casey #handsupdontshoot #blacklivesmatter #ferguson #michaelbrown #ericgarner #policebrutality #icantbreathe #alivewhileblack These are just a few of the hashtags that have come about recently amidst the ongoing and increasingly public debate on race relations. Tension and violence between police officers and minority communities is nothing new.  Race as a factor in arrests, profiling, and…


Free Men Do Not Ask Permission to Bear Arms

  By Greg Drobny Let’s imagine you’ve just had a hard day at work. That coworker—you know, the one who won’t stop talking—has gotten on your last nerve. Most of the time you can ignore them, but today they just had to tell you about the latest fight with their mouth-breathing significant other in excruciating…

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