Hamilton’s Cast, Safe Spaces, and How We Yell About Free Speech

By Greg Drobny Another day, another sad display of how America understands things like “freedom of speech.” As you have no doubt already heard, Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended the Broadway musical Hamilton and, at the end, heard some words from the cast regarding his and Trump’s future time in office. Actor Brandon Victor Dixon…


Hi, I’m the Constitution

Hi. I’m the Constitution. Although large groups of people out there are suddenly just now realizing that I exist, I’ve actually been here for over two centuries—even through the last few presidents, as hard as that is to believe. True story. I was here when President Obama championed legislation that punished people for not purchasing…


Election Reactions and the Craziness of Political Involvement

By Greg Drobny I think we all knew that no matter who won the Presidential election there would be some social media craziness afterward. Nobody is surprised by that. What has taken me aback, however—as well as several others I’ve spoken with—is the level of, what’s the best word….outrage conveyed by Hillary Clinton supporters. It’s…


No Matter What Happens on Election Day…

By Greg Drobny No matter what happens on election day, no matter who wins the coveted prize of “President of the United States”… America can survive. Not because we elected the right people to the right offices. Not because we enacted certain pieces of legislation. Not because we legalized/outlawed certain things. But because what made…


A Few Questions For You Hillary Clinton Supporters

By Greg Drobny Does the fact that nearly all of Hillary’s inner circle is under federal investigation change anything at all? Does Hillary’s foreign policy of more wars than you can shake a stick at bother you in any way? Did that style of foreign policy bother you when George W. Bush was president but not now?…

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